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Artist, Educator, USA

I attended Marta’s creative art coaching course over summer. Her passion for a creative and artful life, with skills to bring student’s inner artist to full potential helped me getting out of the “block” I was in. She is delightful and fun as well. Highly recommended course for anyone who value creativity and a mindful life.


Photographer, SPAIN

 "Soy fotografa profesional pero despues el curso de Arte intuitivo con Marta mis fotos salen mucho mas interesantes! gracias para haber mejorado mi mirada al mundo!!"


Travel Agent, RUSSIA

Creativity Coaching sessions 

 "Drawing everything and everywhere, with no limits to my creativity! I have always been taught about perspective and academic rules about drawing, but I have never felt myself while dealing with it !! I can stand for hours now with my charkoal and never feel stressed about it !Thanks Marta!"

Belen R.S.,

Manager, SPAIN

Home&Travel Coaching sessions

"Dear Marta, my house is completely different now and I can feel my self in it! Thank you for supporting me in renovating my environment, you are right our place is really important for our personal growth! And home is not House!"


Finance Consultant, USA

Intuitive Art Course 

"You give people permission to do what they want instead of always having to do what you are suppose or should do"


Professor, UK

Experimental Tours 

"Barcelona is just amazing!

But what I felt inspiring was perceiving myself while travelling! I have concentrated on my feeling, on my feet and I have just breath this wonderful atmosphere!! Thank you Marta, you gave me the possibility of really being mu self!"


Libremente Art

by Marta Mandolini

Barcelona, 08003, Spain

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Italian Newspaper, April 2016