Barcelona offers an incredible atmosphere, that has been a source of inspiration for many historical and modern artists. Today, it is becoming more and more of an international hub for art and innovation. In addition to the Romanesque buildings and modernist works, the avant-garde architecture and the many small lively streets where you can breathe in a unique atmosphere, the city regularly offers cultural events to celebrate its traditions and showcases contemporary art and design projects.

Drawing and panting this scenery will be inspirational and will be the perfect activity to make your personal souvenir of the city. 

This activity is also available for families with children, and suitable for all levels, from inexperienced amateurs to professional artists.  



We will wander around the city center and draw or paint what you attention is interested in. After a few warm-up exercises we will sit and draw either in a traditional-figurative way, or in a creative-abstract way.

We will either paint open-air, or in a contemporary art studio right in the city center.


Graphite, charcoal, fusaggine, sanguine, ink, acrylics, ecoline,mixed media
All year round
Discover, learn, practice, have fun!