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Libremente Art is a training and creative consulting company dedicated to informal learning through art and psychology to improve the quality of life of individuals, companies and groups, enhancing happiness, positive thinking and fostering empowerment towards objectives. 

LibrementeArt arises in 2012 from the development of an alternative method of teaching and approaching to art and creativity. It is the result of various educational and professional experiences, but mostly the theoretical studies of group practices. 
Libremente Art activities combine elements of Psychology, Art therapy, art coaching, gestalt, relaxation techniques, traditional arts, sound design and new creative trends, to offer customers a wellbeing perspective and personal development, based on a creative approach to life.


Our team consists in international professionals that have been working as teachers and enterpreneurs in the visual arts, creative business, coaching, psychology for years and are happy to share their active approach and international vision with as many people as possible.









Libremente Art:

-is open to all those people who would like to carry on abandoned artistic practices, start new creative projects or learn art, art amateurs and self-taught artists, and artists passing through a block of time.

-is aimed to all those who want to achieve balance, emotional well-being and a positive dimension in their environment, from a physical, emotional, professional and relational point of view.

-offers taylor-made workshops, art events and activities to make a Brand or an Event unique engaging with clients, local community and fostering business objectives!

-offers training courses and special programs on a regular bases.

-brings art and creativity to companies, houses, travel adventures!


Psychology&Art Practitioner

LIBRE (Free)

MENTE (Mind)


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The Team

Marta Mandolini

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Libremente Art Founder & Director.

Cat lover, clothespins collector and stripes and pois obsessed.

Art teacher, therapist, professional trainer in Libremente Art

Alex Pumpo

Libremente Art Creative&Strategic Marketing Director.

Mediterranean gentlemen, musician and stars contemplator.

Art teacher and professional trainer in Libremente Art

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