Drawing / painting activities can be tested at any age and at any level of experience. Without thinking of aesthetic results, freely making art allows you to discover the pleasure of making art immediately. Non-academic exercises and creative art techniques will lead participants to the development of a personal concept of art, unlock their creative potential, feel free in front of a blank canvas, activate a creative approach to life, and re-energize body and mind.

Intuitive Art is a tool for beginners as well as advanced painters. 
During Libremente Intuitive Art sessions, play and flow are encouraged; the objective is to give yourself the chance to to be inside color, the painting, the process process while locating the inner core of your creative self. The exercises produce interesting images resulting from an experience of "presence" in a stimulating and secure environment.


-You will exercise your creativity without concern for the results
-you will develop trust in your intuition
-you will expand your sense of freedom and possibility 
-you will explore new aspects of yourself
-you will play and enter a state of Flow (hopefully!)
-you will create wonderful art works (this is for sure! and I will explain you why !)


-you can remove your shoes and dress comfortable dresses if you like
-you will use breathing techniques to easily enter the creative experience
-you will experience relaxing techniques to concentrate more in the present moment



-you can have a cup of tea with me if you like

-you can leave your mobile off/silent, (YES you can!!!)


All year round